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1970 Firebird Ram Air III Engines

These pictures are of very carefully restored 1970 Firebird Trans Am Ram Air III engines. There are two engines pictured - my buddy Keith's YZ code (automatic) in his 1970 TA, and my WS code (manual) in my 1970 TA. Although there are no significant differences between the automatic and 4 speeed versions beyond the vacuum line and cooling lines to the automatic transmission, the pictures are all labeled just to be clear.To the best of our ability, these engines were restored to stock condition and appearance. Both cars won significant judged shows, and Keith's was judged gold at the POCI Nationals - so these are offered as reference pictures for stock 1970 Ram Air engines. I'm sure there are some small details that are not 100% as original, although at the super fine level of detail- markings on gas hoses, color of specific plated parts etc- there is often disagreement on what is "correct", and in some cases details varied by production dates. I have seen debates on bolt head markings by production date and left/right side of the vehicle. If you are at that level of detail in your quest for perfection, be assured that these engines are very accurate but do not have 1970 Sunoco 260 gasoline in them, and the hoses and belts were manufactured after 1970. I will continue to add notes on the pictures as those concerned with extreme detail provide feedback.

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The first 8 pictures are all of Keith's YS code engine. Concensus is that the breather tube from the valve cover to the air cleaner came black phosphate coated from the factory, but quickly wears off to the bare silver.


Compare this with the temp sending unit on my car - I believe both are correct, the different wiring connectors being a mid-year change, but I'm not sure. Just know that the two wiring harnesses were different.



Loose wire on the right is for the flapper solenoids, connects to the plug on the scoop. Feedback suggests throttle spring should be yellow, but with some debate on that point.

Open face alternator. Feedback suggests the pulley should be silver cad plated instead of gold.

Another shot of the different sending unit.



There is some debate on the correct color for the throttle bracket. Consensus seems to be plated as shown for 1970, engine color for earlier years.

Note different sending unit. Same comment as earlier on the breather tube - very likely was black phosphate coated when new.

WS engine in my car - missing the flapper actuator lever on the carb.
Had to have one custom made, and it wasn't finished yet

Freshly rebuilt RAIII engine from Gorilla - absolutely beautiful. Chris does great work.


Another shot of the 70 only brake plumbing

This is a repro heat riser, with GM flexible tube

Correct, open face alternator for 1970