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1970 Firebird Formula 400

This is a1970 Firebird Formula 400 that I restored to original condition a few years ago. It is Castillian Bronze with a standard saddle interior, automatic with AC.

The 70 Formula was just a step below the TA, although if optioned properly it could be the equal of the TA in performance. From a pure styling perspective, the lack of spoilers combined with the dual scoop hood actually makes for a better looking car. I have always been a big fan of the Formula hood.

This is a fairly typical example - 400, auto, AC. 4931 of 7708 built were automatics.

22687 is the model number for Formulas. Castillian bronze is paint code 67, standard saddlle interior is code 205. The Castillian bronze is hard to capture well in pictures - in person has more copper/gold than some of the pictures show


The rear ride height varies a lot in these pictures. The picture on the upper left is very close to the correct height. Many of the other pictures were taken before I replaced the rear springs - someone had put in an off-road set before I got the car.

The angle on the exhaust tips should be slightly different - these are 71 or later tips. Very similar to the one year only 70 tips, but would be noted as incorrect by a real Firebird expert.

A lot (most?) 70 Formulas today have a rear spoiler, which looks good but is not correct for a 1970 car - the rear spoiler was not available on any 1970s except for the TA, where it was standard. This car had a spoiler when I bought it, and I removed it and filled the holes before the car was repainted.


Based on looking at numerous original cars, it appears that the dash, console and kick panels in the saddle interior are a shade darker than the rest of the interior. I restored this car using custom mixed vinyl dye for those parts, while the seat covers and door panels are as received from the reproduction supplier. The colors are probably the truest in the picture on the left.


This is an original formula wheel, but from a later model year - not the correct "fat" wheel for 1970, which has a slightly thicker rim.


This dash is actually a later dash with the larger opening for the radio, and it has a correct for that dash later factory AM/FM radio installed. I had a perfect early dash and managed to drop it and break it in half during the restoration - bad day at the office.


Shifter bezel is NOS.

When I purchased the car, the interior needed a little help. Everything was replaced except for the seat frames and springs, The darker color of the dash is apparent in this picture - the top of the dash has plastic cap on it - see the bottom for the original color. The tan wheel didn't exist in 1970.  
The engine compartment was pretty original when I purchased the car - needed a major cleaning up, but almost all of the little bits and pieces that are usually missing were all there. I replaced the brake booster, and the original open face alternator was long gone. I did not attempt to make the engine compartment 100% correct, but for the most part this is very correct and original - one of the reasons that I bought this car, other than I really liked Castillian bronze.