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Gallery - 1972 Honda 600 Coupe

1972 Honda 600
One owner original

We bought this car new and owned it at the same time as the 1970 TA in 1972- quite a difference between the two cars. These are just a few pictures of the car as it is today - we kept the Honda and restored a basket case TA 25 years later. Much more on the Honda 600 if you're interested at my other car website - Honda600source


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Both with about 1 HP per cubic inch, but with a slight difference in cubic inches.


The Honda has 36 cubic inches of pure power.











The little Honda always gets a lot of attention, and has been to the Woodward Dream Cruise multiple times - even did a Honda 600 burnout to the crowd's delight. It doesn't take much to break 10 inch skinny tires loose!